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What is the Golden Visa or Visa for investors in Spain?

One of the easiest ways to obtain a residence permit in Spain is through the GOLDEN VISA program. It is an investor visa that allows non-European citizens to obtain a residence permit for a period of 1 year (with the subsequent possibility of renewal). One of the advantages of this type of residence permit is that it does not require a permanent stay in the country (more than 183 days), the applicant must visit the country from time to time.

Get the golden visa by investing in real estate

Requirements to obtain GV

Purchase of real estate (valued from € 500,000)

Acquisition of shares in a Spanish company or opening of a bank account (for the amount of 1 million euros)

Amortization of public debt (minimum 2 million euros).

Entrepreneurs who start a business in Spain that is of general interest to the country.

Documents that are necessary to obtain an investor visa in Spain

It is very easy to apply for an investor visa in Spain. Since your attorneys specialize in visa and immigration matters, we will take care of the entire process as soon as you provide us with all the necessary documentation.
What documents are required to apply for a Golden Visa?

What are the benefits of applying for a Golden Visa with our help?

You just need to sign. We ourselves will complete all the necessary documentation for you and present it to the corresponding competent authorities.

We will provide comprehensive legal assistance in real estate investment, conclusion of contracts, as well as help with the translation of legal documents into Spanish.

What type of investment is the most suitable for my case? An individual approach to each client allows us to provide you with exactly the solution that will provide you the most benefit.

Invest in Spain and get fast residence through the GOLDEN VISA

Golden Visa

Everything you need to know about the golden visa

El Ley de Apoyo al Emprendedor

On September 28, 2013, the Law to Support Entrepreneurs and their Entry into International Markets came into force, introducing a new rule (Part V Section 2 on international mobility) that regulates skilled immigration, which contributes to the international mobility of the professional staff and those who invest in real estate in Spain, as well as Spanish companies and companies.

El objetivo del Programa Golden Visa

The Golden Visa program in Spain is based on the creation of a special flexible system for the issuance of visas or residence permits, maintaining guarantees that are fundamental for the security of our society and the maintenance of our public services, and has the following objectives : * Development of a culture of entrepreneurship and creation of favorable conditions for economic activity. * Facilitate the flow of investment and talent to stimulate economic growth and job creation.* Desarrollo de una cultura de emprendimiento y creación de condiciones favorables para la actividad económica. * Facilitar el flujo de inversión y talento para estimular el crecimiento económico y la creación de empleo.

Personas a las que va dirigido

To achieve these objectives and taking into account economic interests, entry into Spain and residence in the country are simplified for the following categories of people: 1. Residence permit for investor 2. Entrepreneurs 3. Highly qualified specialists 4. For learning purposes as well as R & D & I (investment, development and innovation) 5. Intra-company transfer of employees1. Permiso de residencia para inversor 2. Emprendedores 3. Especialistas altamente calificados 4. Con fines de aprendizaje así como de I + D + I (inversión, desarrollo e innovación) 5. Traslado intraempresarial de empleados